The Citra Mina Group of Companies (CMGC), houses 3 stable and progressive tuna producing company.

MGTRI began as Mommy Gina Tuna Resources (MGTR) with in 1988 under sole proprietorship of “Jake” T. Lu, the founder of the CMGC. MGTR entered the fresh and frozen tuna sectors of the industry within five years and began exporting to the United States, Japan, and Canada. To benefit from the growing market for tuna products. Citra Mina Seafood Corporation was organized in 2001 to establish presence in the domestic retail market for tuna and to launch value-added tuna products. It also engaged in the production and export of frozen tuna and other fishery products. With continued business growth, Mr. Joaquin T. Lu’s children joined the company and MGTR became incorporated in 2006.

In 2008, Tuna Explorers (TEI). Incorporated was establish to consolidate fishing operations and improve refrigeration techniques of its fishing vessels in order to better preserve the freshness of landed high-value tuna.

CMGC’s member companies maintains adequate quality systems from ship building, fishing with its 100-vessels fishing fleet production of fishery and other food products with an estimated combined capacity of up to 60 tons daily, cold storage facilities, to selling and marketing of food both locally and internationally.

CMGC’s unwavering commitment to business growth and its vision of becoming a major player in the tuna industry globally has driven it to establish, implement, review and continually improve managementsystems ensuring quality, safe and legal food products that conform to international standards, comply with statutory requirement and satisfy customer requirements.